What to Expect

"In ordinary life there is no equivalent to the psychotherapeutic situation" - Anthony Storr

Counselling and psychotherapy involves spending some time with a trained and experienced therapist discussing your concerns. Together we work toward arriving at greater understanding of yourself and your problems. The intention is to help you to find a more satisfying way to live your life.

It is the therapists' job to allow the client to talk freely and honestly, something that is so difficult to do in ordinary social settings. This means that we engage in a therapeutic relationship. Within this relationship you will experience warmth, genuine acceptance, empathic understanding and shared focus on your concerns. This adult to adult relationship changes over time and with each session. It is one in which you can expect to feel safe, to be heard, accepted, understood and challenged.  The unique strength and quality of this collaborative relationship has a demonstrably positive effect on the successful outcome of  your therapy.

Essential aspects of the therapeutic process are: 

♦ participating in a genuine, accepting, empathic relationship

♦ collaborative focus on increasing understanding of your concerns

♦ working together to identify and increase your resources

♦ recognising and building on your strengths and

♦ working toward your hopes for the future 

You may find it difficult at first to be with someone who listens to YOU and focuses on YOUR story. However, most clients find it so helpful to put their concerns into words that they actually look forward to their visits. It provides the opportunity for you to explore what you really want and believe about your life. One client commented at the end of our work together "I will miss having the chance to share my thoughts in confidence knowing I and them will be accepted and understood". Another said "The journey has been challenging but I have felt valued and supported throughout".

Your search for greater insight, understanding and autonomy will be further enhanced by including opportunities for you to use self help materials and activities and to receive honest feedback and support. 

All sessions are conducted in private and the need for confidentiality is respected at all times. 

Your first appointment serves three purposes: -

To identify your concern/s

► To give you the opportunity to decide whether the therapeutic approach available is right for you

► To enable you and your therapist to decide how best to proceed.

There is no binding contract at any time but both, the therapist and yourself will agree on how to work together safely, ethically and respectfully to enable an effective outcome.

Appointments must be made prior to all sessions and notice must be given of cancellation of appointments. The duration of most sessions will be approximately one hour and the number of sessions will be agreed between yourself and your therapist.